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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 24, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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fling to veto a $1.1 billion bill to combat the zika virus. democrats in the senate are hoping to block the measure after it passed the house. it's because the zooik zika bill false short of the nearly $2 billion the president initially requested. and it will be funded largely by money diverted from other health programs. so as you know, some fleets are skipping the olympic games because of zika fears. organizers are now unveiling the temporary home for the thousands who are going there describing them as a city within the city, the massive complex will house 1100 athletes, 6,000 coaches among others. the 17-story towers feature a cafeteria, a gym, a post office. i hope it's open. hope it's ready. you can add lebron james to that list of athletes opting out of the summer games in august. but unlike the others concerned
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about the zrvegs james says he just needs to rest. and besides, it's a case of been there, done that for james after taking home two gold medals from the 2008, 2012 games. he's got his third trophy. >> keep your gold medal. >> don't need it. >> okay. fierce of the zika virus have become all too real for a woman here in new york city. >> she's now opening up about her frightening experience after contracting the virus while on vacation in jamaica. abc's jesse palmer with her story. >> reporter: fresh off a five-day trip in paradise, harper's bizarre digital editor krissy rutherford returning home with a scary souvenir. >> you sort of think it's not going to happen to you. >> reporter: she was making her way to a wedding three days after arriving home to new york city from her vegas. >> i'm sitting on the train and i start taking a selfie. as one does when they're on the train by themselves on the way
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to a wedding and yeah, when i saw my skin, my heart just started pounding. >> reporter: that are raise face rash coming off two days of leg soreness and joint stiffness. >> a light bulb went off and i thought i could have the virus. >> after a google search of symptoms and two trips to the the doctors later, a urine test confirmed her fears. zi zika. more than 50 people have reported cases of zika. it spreads through mosquito bites and can be transmitted through unprotected sex. so with no prescription treatment to cure zika, rutherford spent the next ten days suffering through her illness. >> i was just feeling so lifeless. my body so achy and i knew that even once i got up on my feet, it was going to be painful. >> now nearly two weeks later, rutherford says she's finally
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starting to feel like herself and ready to share her experience with her readers at harper's bizarre. >> a lot of people aren't aware of what it's like to have this virus. >> jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> krissy admits she did not wear bug spray so always remember to do that. >> hopefully it will help. >> coming up, are you paying too much for your cable? >> yes. >> well, that's what congress wants to know. >> now we know kendis is. >> they want to know why executives from the nation's largest cable companies were called to the carpet on capitol hill. we'll tell you why. you're watching "world news now." >> annoup?p?o?gv
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♪ video killed the radio star video killed the radio star ♪ >> okay, so video may have killed the radio star but many cable customers these days are feeling strangled by their monthly bills. >> maybe we should have stuck with the vcr like the song says. still countless americans are trying to call their companies now to trim their bills but they've been met with fierce resistance on the other end of the line. congress wants to know why. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: the nation's largest cable companies called to capitol hill to answer for what have outraged so many americans. this question from congress today aimed directly at the executives. >> will you all make a
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commitment today to advertise the lowest price available? any of you? >> reporter: silence. the bipartisan investigation finding overcharging and upselling. their report even says they discovered inside time warner cable's own internal playbook instructing employees. "if the customer wants to lower the bill, you're going to try and avoid that and perhaps even raise the bill." and "to be successful, you have to do the opposite of what the customer is calling in for." charter, which merged last month with time warner, telling abc news, "charter customers who were incorrectly charged are being notified and given a 12-month credit for these fees." and that it will "proactively issue a one-month credit to any time warner cable customer that was overcharged." rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. stand your ground if you call and they say we're not going to cut your bill, just be insistent. >> that's what they say because
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time now for an insomniac favorite. our "insomniac theater" previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> this morning, we start with the long waited sequel independence day resurgence". two talkeds after the first invasion, the gang is all back, bill pull man, jeff goldblum, judd hirsch minus will smith as mankind again bats an extra solar threat. >> mr. president, doctor. you're awake. >> very much so. >> why are they screaming? ing. > no, no, no. they're -- they're not screaming. they're celebrating.
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>> but critics not celebrating quite so much. so far the film has earned only a 50% splat on rotten tomatoes but most are giving it props for what it is. glen dunk says it's loaded with nonsensical logic, terrible dialogue and convoluted gobbledy gook science. it doesn't matter one bit because it's a lot of fun and dan writes it's as spectacular as you hope and you won't even miss will smith. >> wow. >> how about that. >> okay. sort of like this year's oscars. fantastic and we didn't miss will. so next swiss army man and daniel radcliffe like we've never seen him before. hank played by paul dan know is stranded on an island feeling hopeless and suicide dal. that all changes when nanny played by radcliff washes up on shore as a corps. the two become fast friends and ultimately go on an epic adventure as hank uses manny's gassy body to his advantage.
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>> hmm. >> i need to you help me get home. okay, buddy? >> okay, buddy. senator quite a stiff performance. swiss army man scoring a solid 69% on rotten tomatoes but richard brody writes identified since its sundance premiere as the forting corps movie it lives up to the epitaph. and john lyus calls it one of the most absurd and fascinating films that you will ever see. >> i don't know about that one. >> i don't know. should point out both are based on true stories. that swiss army. >> and independence day resurgence always a true story. >> 1940s when that happened. all right. well, that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on face wnn fans.consequently or twitter as abcwnn. thanks so much for
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(babies crying) narrator: life. dishes. death. (slurping) dishes. every dish, every time, only finish has the powerball to take on anything.
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>> breaking news this morning on "world news now." britain votes totes leave the european union. >> we'll have the latest on the effects of the resin dunleavy including the global financial markets taking a dive. we have all the details just ahead. severe weather in the u.s. turning deadly as flash floods, heavy downpours in west virginia trigger a frantic search for a missing child as another new wildfire spreads in california burning up dozens of homes along the way. and two by two. that's not noah's ark but ken's ark. find out why this man decided to build a replica of the big boat on this friday, june 24th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." may need a little pepto-bismol on this friday morning when the markets open up later on today here in the u.s.
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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. breaking news that britain has voted to pull out of the eu. the vote was close and reflected not only economic issues but questions about britain's sovereignty and national identity. >> the markets are already reacting to the seismic news and we're likely to feel the ekes of the vote here in the u.s. later on. let's head over to right now to london where lama hasan joins us. when we asked you about it, you said it was shocking. > absolutely. good morning to you, kendis and diane. the people of britain have spoken voting for a british exit dubbed brexit with around 52% of the votes choosing to leave the 28-member european union and being in it for more than 40 years. immigration at the forefront of the leave campaign making an the argument for britain to take control of its borders and economy taking back the country's national identity and culture. this referendum is huge. this result to leave is mon tumt to us. people calling it a political earthquake with the financial ramifications uncertain, the
3:02 am
pound falling sharply to its lowest level since the mid-1980s plummeting against the dollar which will impact wall street and global markets were whether he they open. the leave campaign hailing june 23rd as britain's independence day. diane, kendiss? >> wow. quite a seismic change and shift over there. >> lama, how long does all this take to go into effect? >> this is a little complicated. it's not immediate. the minimum period after a vote to leave would be about two years. during that time, britain would continue to abide by eu treaties and laws but not take part in any decision making. it would take around two years to divorce from the european union. >> and david cameron just re-elected last year with pretty strong support. is he done for now? >> reporter: well, that's what everybody's asking. what happens to prime minister david cameron. of course, this was his campaign. he was for the remain. he wanted to remain in the european union. citing the economy would be
3:03 am
better off by being a member of the european union. everyone is asking what happens to him now. we'll have to wait and see. we are expecting him to come out today and make a statement. >> wow. it's a long night there on 10 downing street and many parts of london, as well and the uk. thank you for joining us. even before the official results came out, investors expressed unhappiness. the british pound went into a nose dive which should drive up the dollar. asian markets plummeted overnight and u.s. stocks futures down steeply as much as 4% at one point. >> analysts don't think this stop the u.s. economy from growing but a strong dollar could hurt the demand for american exports. >> of course, we'll have a lot more about the brexit and the startling news that dook place overnight from the uk. >> ramifications. >> absolutely and impact throughout the morning as well as on "good morning america" later today. now we shift gears to the an downpours over the mid-atlantic states that triggered widespread
3:04 am
flooding. it's turned deadly. in west virginia, a house caught on fire. one of several swept away by rushing water. flooding also claimed the life of an -year-old boy and a frantic search is under way for a toddler missing for hours. >> emergency crews have been busy rescuing people trapped in their homes, most of west virginia is under a state of emergency. about 40,000 people are without power. thousands more are also in the dark in virginia as well as tennessee. that same storm system started its path of destruction in the midwest. weather experts now confirmed at least 10 tornadoes touched down in illinois and ohio. that includes that one you saw there that tore through pontiac, illinois, with winds up to 125 miles an hour. here's abc's megan hughes. from towering tornadoes. >> just a thin snake coming out of the sky. >> reporter: to furious floodwaters. storms laid siege to the mid-atlantic states. a torrent of muddy water engulfed richwood, west
3:05 am
virginia, swallowing streets, drowning some cars, and sweeping away others in its path. multiple confirmed tornadoes including this ef-2 with winds up to 125 miles per hour tearing an 11 mile path through pontiac, illinois. homes flattened. this electric tower crumpled like aluminum foil and this semi knocked over on its side. this mobile home torn from its foundation. >> somebody's yelling at me and i ran to the door and it was the lady across the street. i could hear her underneath the trailer. >> reporter: the woman is recovering. jill ashton and her 3-month-old son had only moments to take shelter from the swifter that to part her family farm. >> as tight as i could grab him, i ran to the basement. >> this huge grain bin pried open. >> there's a barn in the back that had several hundreds that you dollars of farm equipment. that's flattened. >> reporter: mary johnson's
3:06 am
mobile home was flipped over three times. >> could have been so much worse. >> reporter: also among the casualties one gas station that looked like it had been shelled. another whose canopy was topped like a toy. the forecast calls for rain and flood warnings. friday looks like another severe weather day. megan hughes it, abc news, washington. a new and fast-moving wildfire has broken out in southern california and already destroyed between 50 and 60 homes. this one erupted last evening near like isabela. about 165 miles north of those brush fires outside of los angeles. about 1,000 homes are now at risk and evacuations are already under way. flames have consumed about four square miles so far. a supreme court deadlock delivered a crushing blow to president obama blocking his man to keep 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported. the high court's tie means a lower court ruling that found the president's executive order overstepped his authority will now stand. the president said this is heart breaking for the millions from
3:07 am
immigrants who have made their lives here but house speaker paul ryaned the ruling calling it another major victory in the fight to restore the separation of powers. >> that said hillary clinton responded to the ruling in english and spanish saying it could tear apart millions of fames facing deportation and vowed to take on immigration reform in her first 100 days as president even pushing for a path to citizenship and called the ruling a stark reminder of the harm that donald trump would do to our families, communities and our country. before heading to europe overnight, trump also weighed in on the supreme court decision saying it has blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a president. as trump takes a detour from the campaign trail to proposal his golf course in scotland, he announced he has forgiven nearly $50 million in personal loans that he made to his own campaign. he's calling it a contribution made in order to make america great again. so talking about making the
3:08 am
sixers great again, nba draft last night, first three picks in the national basketball association draft were all freshmen. the philadelphia 76ers used the first pick for lsu's ben simmons. he's a versatile forward from australia. >> next the lakers came up. they took duke's brandon inge graham as they begin rebuilding without kobe bryant. bosston 0 picked up california forward jalen brown. >> but i guess what we really like watching is the fashion at these events. a lot of colorful hair sfils outfits suits in the house. last night set it up by doing a little flashback friday, shall we? years ago look at lebron, king james. look how young he looked. he went in all white. that young man next to him is carmelo from the. >> wow, he looks like a baby there. >> doesn't? >> he 2003 nba draft looking like a couple of turn of the century prom kings right there. >> the right age to go to prom
3:09 am
too. and now let's see how fashion has progressed. >> this is last night at the draft. >> buddy hields went with the casablanca look in a white tux jacket. the red bow tie, got to the have the accent. >> have to accentuate. i approve. we like it. then you have levert. i hope i said his name right. >> that's a new look i haven't seen before. >> this isn't actually a nod to his alma mater, the university of michigan has the same colors as the indiana pacers which happens to be. >> his new team. lucky him. >> look at that. >> coordinating all around. >> it would have sucked in the knicks picked him. >> how about did you see this one? he came in making a statement with the maroon three-piece suit. that's a floral tie he's wearing. give a shoutout to the vest chain. >> and that big tie. >> the flower, too. >> yeah. sam sanford would have loved that.
3:10 am
fred sanford, sorry. coming up, why low flying helicopters under investigation for making plenty of waves in the harbor. >> if you build it, will they come? not all of the animals but how about tourists? meet the man rebuilding noah's ark and find out why. >> and remember you can weigh in on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. a single use applicator that helps you avoid contact with germs. just click it in and recycle! to enjoy continuous clean freshness with every flush for up to one week. lysol click gel keeps it clean with one click. lysol. start healthing. i'm my bargain detergent, ithift couldn't keep up.ter. so i switched to tide pods.
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a low flying helicopter causing quite a scare in washington state. witnesses say is the helicopter flew about eight to the 159 feet above the water. thousands were gathered to watch the start of the race to alaska. the pilot is being investigated for reckless endangerment. he was flying the helicopter for a tv news crew that he says encouraged him to fly lower. yes, blame the tv people. here at home, new developments in an alleged murder for hire plot in tennessee involving an ex-marine turned celebrity chef. >> laura buckingham has been indicted by a grand jury accused of trying to coerce her new boyfriend into killing her old boyfriend. gio benitez has the late jest. >> reporter: laura buckingham, a pregnant award mining marine turned baker is facing serious charges that allege she hired a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend. >> after my last appointment, i moved out to new albany, indiana and i started selling breads on the side of highway 150.
3:15 am
>> reporter: on tuesday, a grand jury indicting the marine to spent two towers in iraq before coming home opening this bakery in indiana and becoming a local celebrity chef. even gracing the cover of this lifestyle magazine. >> i started selling at different farmers markets and i just couldn't keep up with the keemd. >> reporter: but police say the wannabe model will a darker side wanting to end a custody bat with her ex-boyfriend bradley the father of their 3-year-old son by having him murdered. >> i thought it was a joke in all honesty, we all thought we were being punked. >> reporter: police allege she even recruited her new boyfriend joseph to help kill him. they say chamblin a mr. sniper seen in this military times video told them about the alleged plot. authorities setting up an undercover sting where buckingham allegedly paid a $300 deposit for the murder. the total cost about 3,000
3:16 am
bucks. locals say the community is in shock. >> no one would ever have imagined. >> she was well liked because what she gave back to the community after she came home from serving. >> reporter: as for her ex- >> i don't feel angry. i feel kind of sad she felt the way she did that she had to do that to try to take my son from me. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. okay. so she's now being held on $150,000 bail. and wearing an ankle bracelet in the meantime. >> right. she has to be monitored. going forward. >> all right. so coming up in our next half hour, what ben affleck really feels about the nfl. what the actor said about the league and its commissioner during his foul language-filled rant on hbo this morning. is he still standing by those words? >> but first, the man who is building a life sized an replica of noah's arc and turning it into a theme park.
3:17 am
mou he's able to use millions in tax breaks for his biblical project. you're watching
3:18 am
♪ i want to know, have you ever seen the rain ♪ ♪ i want to know have you ever >> so the debate has been going on for thousands of years now over whether anyone saw the rain that triggered the biblical flood that noah builted ark for. >> true but deep in the heart of kentucky, there is one man who believes the story really well and is nowable his own ark. it's not about worries about another flood. we're up an you nightline now with abc's david wright. >> reporter: it's every kid's favorite bible story. genesis chapter 6-9, the story of noah and the flood. and the ark he built to save all
3:19 am
the animals two by two. >> so we are in williams town, kentucky population not much by the looks of things. where we're headed is supposed to be right up here. we turn a corner and lo and behold. >> thar she blows. off in the distance is a large wooden ship still under construction. >> oh, my gosh. noah's ark right mere in the american south. >> 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, 51 feet high. >> reporter: the dimensions set out in the bible cube by the by cube by the. kenham is the noah of this ark. >> it's huge. the closer you get. >> it gets bigger and bigger. >> reporter:ham's mission is to turn this bible story into a world class theme park straight out of old testament and then some. when finished he says it will be seven stories tall and a football field and a half long,
3:20 am
the larger timber framed structure in the world. >> what are you making here? >> this would be the grandparent of modern apes. >> reporter: he calls his ministry answers in genesis. his creation museum a few miles away attracts nearly half a million visitors a year teaching a young earth theory of creation. that god created the earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. but for hamm the story isn't just a metaphor or a cautionary tale. he sees it as fact. and so does everyone who works for him. it's actually part of the hiring policy. to work on the ark encounter, applicants have to sign a strict statement of faith agreeing for instance that the great flood of genesis was an actual historic event worldwide in its extent and effect. they also stros be straight. anti-abortion, and christian. because of the controversial hiring policy, the state of kentucky tried to block him from receiving any public funding.
3:21 am
butham took his case to the state supreme court and won. now his $100 million project takes advantage of millions in tax breaks and tourism benefits. >> lots of people have stopped. we get a lot of attacks by some of the aggressive secularists. sometimes i feel a bit like noah. >> reporter: he knows this ship can say. he predicts the encounter will attract 1 to 2 million visit in other words the first year alone. i'm david wright for "nightline" aboard noah's ark in williams town, kentucky. >> the designers also have to create two of every creature imaginable. >> what about the dinosaurs? >> unclear yet whether dinosaurs will be included on the ark. >> it opens up next month. apparently you have to walk in there in pairs though. >> two by two. >> two by two. >> all right. date night at ken's ark. >> yes, shaquille o'neal's
3:22 am
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go long™. ♪ time now for the mix. we start with a little run-in with sta keel oh flael. the celebrity publicist was lucky enough to get a photo of shaq. he want aid photo on his phone, too. problem is cell phone photos were not allowed. he tried to sneak it. shaq sees him. >> apparently the publicist didn't realize shaq caught him till he reviewed the video later because he's not looking down at the camera. >> shaq didn't say a word. >> he could have asked him to delete the video but instead decided to give the camera a funny look. >> there goes the other shot. the official shot. >> i think he's being greedy. you were already getting a photo op. >> that's great.
3:26 am
one of the problems was having new pets, they will eat away at your brand-new $500 jimmy choo smupz this happened to this one guy. his girlfriend's shoes. he came up with a fascinating solution where he patched the hole using a position hammer to install metal accents including a removable sharp element and voila. you have shoes that pretty cool. >> all right, polka. >> samantha present samantha echo. ♪ politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack ♪ ♪ do the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." the united kingdom has voted to leave the european union after 43 years. the political and economic effects are already being felt around the world and we'll have full coverage straight ahead. back here at home, some are getting off to a rough start. heavy downpours triggering flash flood emergencies. cars and homes being swept away as the waters turn deadly. the forecast ahead. and new this half hour, ben affleck goes on a tear. >> the oscar-winning actor's profanity laced rant ripping into the nfl and the commissioner over deflategate and why he thinks there's a con-spiracy involved. >> and in the world of hollywood conspiracies we're getting our first peek at dan brown's latest thriller "inferno can starting tom hanks and
3:31 am
felicity jones. we have the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this friday, june 4th. -- june 24th. >> so it's a comedy, right? >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the best kind of plague. >> exactly. >> we say good morning on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with breaking news. britain is exiting the european union. the vote was close with the highest turnout for a british election in nearly 25 years. one leader of the leave campaign hails this as the uk's independence day but a lot of mixed opinions on in this morning. >> yeah, the vote was not as close as many of the forecasters thought it would be. >> and it is something of a shot heard around the world. it will have an impact on the economy worldwide. it already is. even here in the united states. abc's lama hasan following developments from london. good morning. >> reporter: in one of the most dramatic days in politics this country has seen in decades, the people of britain have spoken. the campaign to leave just
3:32 am
passed the 16.8 million mark needed for 50% of the vote which means this country has voted for a british exit dubbed brexit. to leave the 28-member european union. immigration at the forefront of the leave campaign making the argument for britain to take control of its borders and its economy, taking back the country's national identity and culture. make no mistake this referendum is huge. this result to leave is monument to us. the political and financial ramifications uncertain. the pound falling sharply to its lowest level since the mid-1980s. plummeting against the dollar which will impact wall street and global marks when they open. the leave campaign hailing june 23rd as britain's independence day. kendis, diane. our thanks to lama in london. she mentioned the news of britain's exit upsetting the financial markets. that's already being seen immediately and not favorably. >> let's get the details from abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis.
3:33 am
>> reporter: there's only one word to describe what the markets are experiencing right now, and that is panic. around the world, stocks and currencies are selling off. u.s. stocks which still won't officially open for a few more hours are pointing to serious decline. meantime, the british pound is getting hammered to its lowest level since the mid-1980s. while the brexit was discussed for months investors never believed that it would happen until about two weeks ago when some polls showed the leave in the lead and then priced some risk in. but even as of earlier thursday, most figured that the undecideds would break towards the status quo and push remain over the edge. especially because there were so many world leaders sounding the alarm, warning about the catastrophic consequences of a brexit. this is why the actual brexit is causing such a huge shock in markets. as one wall street veteran told me, it may not be the end of the world when the dust clears but
3:34 am
the trouble is that we just doesn't know because this is completely uncharted territory. and if there's one thing wall street hates it's uncertainty. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. okay. so even at this early hour, we're being told by the white house that the president has been briefed on the returns and his team keeping him breast about the latest on that and they do expect him to talk with the prime minister david cameron in the next day or so. back here in the u.s., we should mention a second straight day of severe storms has taken a deadly toll. >> virginia and west virginia among the hardest hit. fast moving muddy floodwaters are overwhelming entire communities. an 8-year-old boy was swept away and a toddler has been missing since yesterday afternoon. he is feared dead. one house that was caught on fire was no match for the rushing water. and the whole house was snatched away while still in flames. >> look at that. that's an entire house rolling down the river. rescue operations are still
3:35 am
ongoing and power outages are widespread. tens of thousands are in the dark across virginia, west virginia, and tennessee. >> that same system is responsible for unleashing a wide path of wreckage in the heartland. weather experts have now confirmed that at least ten tornadoes touched down in illinois and ohio. that includes this one that tore through pontiac, illinois with winds up to 125 miles per hour. the clear skies over that area today should allow the clean-up to get under way in ernest. >> a welcome break. there is more wet weather ahead in some spots. justin povick joins us with the forecast. good morning. >> diane, kendis, good morning to you. happy friday. almost to the weekend. that's the good news. better news is the weather will be calming down over the northeast this weekend. still a few pesky storms to get through today from d.c. points south toward richmond. heavy rain, lightning and winds the biggest concern. we're not anticipating a repeat performance of severe weather. that's definitely some good news. out west, roasting here over the
3:36 am
southern tier of states. a big cooldown on the way over the northern half is going to be quite substantial here through the weekend. speaking of the weekend, most of the storms saturday into sunday located over the northern portion of the midwest. and also into the great lakes but again, beautiful in the northeast. diane, kendis, back to you. >> our thanks to justin. we'll turn to politics now, bernie sanders acknowledging earlier this week that he will not be the democratic presidential nominee but he's now telling supporters that they're just getting started. sanders delivered a speech in new york last night and it was called "where we go from here." he urged the crowd to work with him to elect progressives and keep fighting for political change. sanders still has not conceded or endorsed hillary clinton. but he's predicting victories on his platform ideas. donald trump is on a brief vust to scotland for the grand reopening of his golf resort over there. protesters accused him of racism
3:37 am
and bigotry and they're planning to gather outside trump's property. more than a half million people have signed a petition to ban him from entering the uk. there's no word on any planned meetings with english leaders. i think they're busy today. on capitol hill, after nearly 26 hours, house democrats finally ended that dramatic sit-in. civil rights icon and georgia representative john lewis who led the protest declared victory. to be clear, democrats failed to get the republicans to vote on gun legislation but lewis says their point was made to america. the house is now in recess till july 5th. >> we doo do have more grim news in the search for a missing family off florida's gulf coast. rescue crews recovered a second body. that's after finding the body of the teenage daughter. she was wearing a life vest at the time. a father and his three teenage children were missing since sunday. the coast guard has recovered more debris including a sailboat mast. the u.s. marine corps is admitting error after more than 70 years. one of the men in that iconic world war ii photograph of the flag raising on mount suribachi in iwo jima was misidentified.
3:38 am
john bradley was identified as one of the six men hoisting the flag. but the marines have determined that bradley was not in that photo and it was actually harold schultz. we have a little bit of video here. if you blink, you will miss how huge this is. so this tire change here at this year's grand prix of europe takes less than two seconds. >> wow. >> 1.92 to be exact. that ties the record set three years ago, four tires less than two seconds. >> talk about teamwork there. >> that is a little bit of teamwork. >> pit crews practice to service their race cars in as little time as possible. practice makes perfect. there are also lots more of them working on this racer than the single kid changing tires at your local service station. there is that. >> who takes forever. you go to jiffy lube and they're like, you'll be out in 30 minutes but no. three hours later. >> takes me awhile. i have to jump on the jack to get enough torque on it.
3:39 am
>> you do it yourself? >> yeah, i change my own tires. >> i have folks do it. >> you have people do it for you? >> by the way, the pit crew works for the williams formula i team. >> good job, pit crew. coming up, tell us how you really feel, ben. really. like what ben affleck said on the premier of bill simmons talk show about the nfl and deflategate that had the censor bleeper working overtime. >> will there be a magic mike 3? what channing tatum is saying reportedly about which projects he is and is not working on. that story ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. ing "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. so the in-laws have moved in with us.
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♪ ♪ hmm. >> so apparently that guitar solo and all of "stairway to heaven" are the work of jimmy page and the rest of led zeppelin. a jury cleared the band of charges that it stole parts of another song for the rock anthem. >> the estate of another musician had sued claiming they copied part of an instrumental it recorded three years earlier. it's a debate that divided rock music for decades and page and robert plant say they're glad it's finally settled. >> now an update on a story we brought you earlier this week. already dizzy the monkey, had he escaped from a park zoo in springfield, massachusetts. on tuesday, the zoo had to actually shut down to search for him. they tried to bribe him with food and everything. no dice. >> dizzy clearly swings both ways. he was swinging all over the
3:44 am
place. authorities thought that he was hiding high up in the trees. dizzy had escaped by turning a doorknob. he's smart. this is an abc news special report. good morning. we're joining you with this special report following some stunning developments from overseas. >> after the people in great britain voted to exit the european union, prime minister david cameron has now announced his resignation. >> the british people have voted to leave the european union and their will must be respected. the will of the british people is an instruction that must be delivered. it was not a decision that was taken lightly. not least because so many things were said by so many different ororganizations about the
3:45 am
significance of this decision but i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination. this is not a decision i've taken lightly but i do believe it's in the national interests to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required. there is no need for a precise timetable today, but in my view, we should aim to have a new prime minister in place by the start of the conservative party conference in october. okay. let's get more on this shocking development right now. we're joined by lama hasan from our london bureau. >> yeah, good morning to you. well, a stunning turn of events. a brexit bombshell this morning just moments ago as you heard there the british prime minister announcing the will of the british people must be respected adding that he will stept a dec steering the ship to reassure that the market, that the british economy is strong. he will do that first.
3:46 am
but this will also need strong leadership. he believes it needs to be someone else. of course, this comes after the country voted to leave after being in the european union for more than 40 years. >> that's llama hassan live in london. we appreciate it. of course, the effects of this we've seen already affecting the markets especially it will have political ramifications, diplomatic ramifications. we'll keep monitoring it. >> we'll have the latest on "world news now" as well as "america this morning" and "good morning america." it's going to be a rough morning on the markets this morning, as well when they open 9:30. for now, that's it for us. >> thank you for watching. >> this has been a special report from abc news. so that's what you want? next! while we're still young! you know you told me you wanted mustard. get outta here! time's up! back of the line! hey. excuse me. what! great sandwich. thanks. ♪you didn't have to be so nice♪
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♪ skinny >> time now for the skinny. >> so ini released a new trailer for dan brown as latest thriller as twos uncover a conspiracy to infect the world with a plague. >> the uponlation is spiraling out of control. >> they're going to wipe out half the world's population unless we find this virus. >> they left a trail. >> we have to trust your own thoughts for a while. human lives are at stake. if a plague exists, what you know what governments will do to get it. >> the professor has become a liability.
3:49 am
>> go, go, let's get it. here, here. there's always a way out. >> oh, "inferno" opens worldwide on friday, october 14th. >> next to another "a" list actor shooting down hopes for a third beefcake flick. >> we're talking about channing tatum who appears to be hanging up his g-string, at least for now. >> the "hollywood reporter" reporting that magic mike, the star, has killed any hopes of a magic mike 3, say it ain't so. >> he says instead, he's focusing on his upcoming stage plays, one in las vegas and a musical on broadway as well as working with his wife, jenna dewan tatum on a new tv series based on their film "stepup." >> it will be the first big scripted drama for youtube. it will air on its subscription service youtube red next year. >> do we show the magic mike footage? >> you want that in slow mo? >> next some celebrity real estate eye candy. there you go.
3:50 am
yeah. >> want to see some real estate eye candy? >> demi moore slashed the asking price of her three-story apartment on manhattan's upper eastside bid $16 million. she took $16 million off the price >> $16 million off. that means it is now only $59 million. the 7,000 square foot mansion in the clouds boasts soaring ceilings, spectacular views of central park, maintaining the spirit of the building's art deco design. come on, producer matt. >> it's got updated craftsman detail. the apartment, by the way, includes six bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms. >> not my words. it's located inside the twin towered san remo apartment building built in the late 1920s and home to celebrities like donna karan, glen close, tiger woods, steve jobs, bono, and diane keaton just to name five. >> you get a big apartment, a lot of celebrity neighbors. >> a beautiful view. >> for the bargain price of $59 million. newly discounted. there's that.
3:51 am
and finally, you know we love to have fun on the show, but sometimes the real fun actually happens off camera during the commercial breaks. >> and right before yesterday's "skinny," this happened. >> welcome back. time for "the skinny." >> yea. hey. >> kendis's favorite game. >> i've been trying for nine months. >> to trick us into thinking that we have come back on the air while i'm getting hair and makeup done. >> yes, donna, i'm sorry. >> come here, donna. >> she's a good sport about it. she'll hug me on tv. >> she slapped you yesterday. >> she slapped me yesterday. thank you, thank you. see. while she's on. absolutely. >> he got me, too. >> she was coming over to do my hair and makeup at the time. sorry.
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on big, soft surfaces. discover a new way to lysol that. ♪ so there were quite a few twists and turns in the headlines this week and a few surprises. >> that's right. from the heated debate over guns to the death of the 52-year cleveland curse. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> there is a vehicle outside that has some bombs. you people are going to get it and i'm going to ignite it if they try do anything stupid. >> what i can tell you is that while the killer made these murderous statements, he did so in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner. >> i think there is this misconception that we didn't do anything for three hours. i'm just trying to clarify that's absolutely not true. >> the orlando attack again exposed a dangerous loophole in our law.
3:56 am
>> our colleagues want to make this about gun control when what we should be making this about is the fight to eliminate the islamic extremism. >> we're calling on the leadership of the house to bring common sense gun control legislation to the house floor. give us a vote. let us vote! >> there's something wrong in this country when a suspected terrorist can't get on an airplane but can buy as many guns as he wants. >> hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund. >> we shouldn't expect better from someone whose most famous words are "you're fired." and as president, i'm going to make sure that you hear you're hired. >> it's really hot. >> it's killer. >> we've had over 100 calls related specifically to heat related emergencies in the past 24 hours. >> this fire spreading very
3:57 am
very rapidly right now. >> i've been here through hurricanes and nor'easters. never seen anything like this before. >> it's over. it's over! cleveland is a city of champions. >> i'm home. this is what i came back for. i'm at a loss for words. this is unbelievable. it doesn't feel real right now. i bet it still doesn't. >> i know. still sinking in for cleveland, right? >> yes, it. >> big week coming up. pride going on in the city this weekend. it's been a whole week of events. >> in san francisco and in new york. >> uh-huh. >> big pride events. >> it's also the 157th birthday of the happy birthday song. >> it's national meta. >> very nice. >> national anisette day. you know what that is. what does that mean? >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, a stunning decision as britain leaves the european union. prime minister david cameron has now announced he is resigning and the effects are being felt even past 10 downing street this morning. >> i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. >> what's next for 10 downing street? and the financial fallout. this morning markets plunging from asia to europe. wall street bracing. also this morning, that vicious storm that did so much damage across the middle of the country now wreaking havoc as it moves east. the rising floodwaters and the rising death toll. and it's break time for lebron james fresh off an nba championship he says he's ready to relax but where he's not going. we'll tell you.


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